Why don't we carry brands as much as other Cricket stores?

This question comes up every year and every season. Why do we not carry brands like other Cricket stores do?

There are a few reasons but the main one is that when you are buying brands whether it's CA or it's GM, kookaburra or SS, you are going to find different grades of equipment. Just like when you go to buy a Honda civic there might be one for 16 to 18K and the most top of the line one might be closer to 30 to 32k. Same way in the brands they have different tiers of quality and materials used to lower the cost and in essence pass on those savings to the consumer, and on the other end have player grade equipment that will be made with the finest and the best of the materials.

We have been doing this for almost close to 7 years now, and even if that's not a long time we have gathered feedback from players and clubs to identify what is important for them in that specific product. For example batting pads, most of you that have batting pads the only issue you have ever had with them is that the velcro on the straps will go, or the strap itself will get ripped from the pads. initially when we launched our first pads we used really good quality leather on the outside good padding on the inside and what we got at the end was a very good looking and well-built pad but the weight off it was slightly heavier than normal pads. The feedback we received was well the weight can be reduced a bit and if the flexibility can be added into the pad then it will be even better. fast forward couple of years and our current pads are almost 30% lighter than our first version and they have reinforced straps on the sides off the pad, and a lot more flexible as well. Does this mean our current version is perfect, definitely not. But what we have today is a definite competitor to a mid to mid-high grade pad from any brand out there, while being able to provide a price that is 30 to 50% lower than most of them.

We have made progress, really good progress in the Willows as well as helmets and gloves in the past year. kit bags is a major thing that we will be looking into this year by introducing some new and upcoming ones, so stay tuned for that.

what are some products that you would like to see that we currently don't carry let us know, and most importantly if you would like us to improve any products what would you change and what would you add or remove let us know as well.


  • Hi Jawwad,
    We dont carry the well-known brands in stock normally but can source them at factory prices for you still.
    Used bats are customer trade-ins normally and it really depends what the customer is bringing in. In used bats we have seen newberry, kooka, adidas, Sg, SS, Viking, Laver & Wood, CA and MB to name a few.
    If you want to see any used bats, give me a shout on 403-870-9246. Cheers.

  • HI there,
    So I was looking at your guy’s photos and can i confirm that you guys sell used bats instead of new ones from these well-known brands

    jawwad qureshi

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