Why does one enjoy other's failures?

Time for some real talk.

Pak vs Ind has been a rivalry on and off the field for years and this dates back to historical events, war, migration, family ties and everything else that can happen off the field. Now, some good banter has not hurt too many people and you forget about it once you are off the field fairly quickly. But what we are seeing nowadays is borderline bullying and just straight up nonsense.

Cricinfo has been my go to resource to follow games online and sometimes you end up in commentary or Fb comments to catch pre/post match analysis. It has always been there in small amounts, but recently the comment are flooded with so much negativity and half the time it isn't even about the two teams involved.

Ind vs Aus - Cracker of a series happening down under. If you go see the comments it will be filled with Pakistani supporters grilling India on "36". Ok, yes that was a horrible outing and a bad session to say the least but man, India has held their own each of the last few series especially in this decade. One can respect that and still cheer on Pakistan Cricket team, it isn't one or the other. Same thing happens on the other side, Pak vs Nz series, you will find comments section filled with Indian supporters grilling how Babar Azam has scored all runs against Zimbabwe and is resting against NZ. (huh?) Even Somerset CC came out protesting his exclusion from the ICC T20 team.

This is a common theme which you can find in not just these two series but perhaps others as well. Cricket fans are emotional people and I get that, perhaps sports bring out the emotions out of us. Rubbing in someone's failure to fill our own internal void to make ourself "feel better" isn't the way to go.. never has been.

I love this response from Lebron James to a reporter after losing 2011 Finals.

"Does it bother you that so many people want to see you fail"

His response was amazing and has stuck with me after all these years.

We've heard Cricket is a gentleman's sport for years. Let's cheer on others as well without having to shun someone down. Let's get back to the basics and enjoy Cricket for the sport that it is, wear your jerseys and cheer on your teams!

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