Heavy Tennis Ball Cricket vs Tape Ball Cricket


Most of our customers that originate from India have never heard of Tape Ball Cricket and the ones that have roots in Pakistan wonder why is the red tennis ball so heavy?


In my opinion this goes back to what has been made popular in the country you come from. For example, in India which Cricketer was in ads when you grew up, Tendulkar, Dhoni.. Kohli now perhaps? Name a Bowler.. I ll wait

On the other hand in Pakistan, growing up we saw likes of Afridi and Shoaib, Wasim, Waqar in the commercials. Automatically you create this mindset of what is the "target" cricketer resulting in a factory of amazing batsmen coming out of India and fast bowlers out of Pakistan. Afridi and Dhoni are perhaps the exception where their personal brands have always been so much bigger (Captain Cool vs Boom Boom) that people just admired them. Now to sustain this, the Cricket has also evolved at a street level, tennis balls got heavier in India to really feel the bat on the ball, whereas Pakistani street cricketers bought a whole lot of Nito and Osaka tape.



Calgary is lucky enough to have 2 leagues for tennis ball Cricket, one for heavy tennis ball (Riley Park-Small) and one for Tape Ball (CSL-Cityscape). They have both operated with multiple teams and tournaments over the years and have helped expand Cricket at a grassroots level.

Let's continue to expand Cricket even further to perhaps schools so when a kid is going to school they have the option to not just learn Cricket but take it up as a professional sport. Lots of work needs to be done, but we are headed in the right direction.

If you are interested in starting any local Cricket in your community, definitely contact us. We have heavy tennis balls, tape balls, bats for heavy tennis balls and tape ball bats in stock all year long. Visit the Shop section or see the links below to find out what we carry for tennis ball customers.

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