Is that a Shooting Star?

If you guys are into star gazing you must have seen a shooting star go across the night sky. In reality it wasn't a shooting star but an amazing display of hitting by none other than Glenn Maxwell (Sorry Kings XI Punjab - you got the doppelganger). To add insult to the injuries (or sixes), the guy hit it off a switch hit, which led to another debate once again... is it fair?

But first, let's enjoy the shot again

Alright I watched it at least 5 times before I was fully satisfied, ok fine it was 6! Did you see the excitement of the people in the stands where the ball landed? The pure joy and the state of awe on the faces of blue shirts was priceless! Let's be real, that is what you expect to see in a clash of titans Aus vs Ind.


Alright back to the debate, should it be a no ball, is it fair etc. I do see value in bringing the LBW discussion if the stance is changed to a left hander. Meaning, if Maxwell changes stance to a left hander and then ball pitches outside leg stump for a right hander (but it would be pitched outside off for a lefty), then LBW should be in play. 

Fairness - Cricket is played with a set of rules that are deemed fair. At this time, shot is fair. Perhaps if rules change, it might not be. When you are on the non-striker's end and a straight drive from the batsmen touches the finger tip of the bowler and comes grazes the stumps on non-strikers end and dislodges one of the bails, it is considered Out. Is it fair? From rules of Cricket, YES! Is it fair in general, perhaps one can say No, someone else might say Yes.


My all time favorite batsman to master the switch hit is KP! Who is yours? What do you think about this fair/no-ball debate? How is switch hit going to evolve Cricket further? Do you see more batsmen trying this? 

P.S. Who saw Kohli's scoop/360 shot in 2nd ODI? and Pandya - is this the tour where he cements his legacy?



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