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As the second wave of COVID is in full swing, we are experiencing tighter restrictions across Canada and perhaps across the world. Except for maybe a few countries (Aus/NZ come to mind). I don't want to debate masks vs non-masks or restrictions vs none, as this isn't the platform for it and my stance on those things doesn't matter other than follow the rules laid out by the local authorities.

Going back to Aus and Nz, it was surreal to see the fans in the stands whereas the mostly rest of the world is operating sports with no fans in stadiums at all. This makes me wonder if we will get any sort of winter training in this season, or even a proper start to the season given Vaccinations are being rolled out already. How will the season look in Alberta? Will there be tours this summer? What about huddles/celebrations and the hand shakes after the game... more questions than answers at this point.

Here is to hoping a return to normal, if its new normal or old, just a return to normal will be good. Sports will provide that mental and physical exercise that we might be missing out on right now. Hang in there folks!

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