Growth of Cricket in Canada

Cricket has been a sport that has flourished thanks to mostly the immigration population. There has been some development work happening out in Eastern Canada which has led to launch of GT20 in last few years along with many development camps for women and kids.

In our opinion, here are some ways we can see cricket growing in Alberta and then in Canada.

1. Grassroots efforts within communities - leagues working with different communities by launching small camps and events to promote the game.

2. Leagues mandate of a development/youth player in playing XI - this will be a great opportunity to give the young ones more exposure.

3. Facilities!! These are badly needed. Working with municipal and provincial government to get our voices heard for dedicated facilities for Cricket or atleast dedicated time for Cricket in existing facilities.

4. Coaching and giving back - Players getting a chance to play provincial and national level Cricket should be getting involved with local initiatives to help youngsters follow the path.

5. Reaching out to school boards to start day/wknd camps. This might be the easiest way to reach the masses.

What are some ways you think we can help Cricket grow?


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