You want a Custom Jersey for your team - now what?

So, you want a jersey for your sports team. But you have no idea where to start or even how to go about it. There are lots of terms thrown at you e.g. sublimation, vinyl, screen print, embroidery etc. and all of that is overwhelming. Well, take a deep breath and just give us a call, we will walk you through ALL your options and the process.

But if you want to know a bit about our process before you call us, here is what we do to ensure you are getting what you are after.

  1. Design
  2. Size Chart
  3. Test Print
  4. Final Info Sheet
  5. Printing

To place an order:

1. Design

Let's say you found something on google or perhaps saw it on a team jersey. But you only like part of that design. That's fine, send us a picture and let us design it for you. If you have a design, that's fine too. We can use your design and draft it up to ensure it is exactly what you want. This process normally takes a week or so, really depends on the design.

In short, if you don't know how to design we can help and if you are a Picasso we can still help.


(Original design we started with after a lot of back and forth discussions on the pattern on sleeves and sponsors)

(Design for the Jacket)

2. Size Chart

We use a standard size chart with dimensions for chest, arm length and length of torso as well. Does this mean you HAVE to fit the dimension?? Absolutely not!
We can modify the arms, torso length of the shirt easily to ensure a proper fit for you. Remember, when you are measuring, please measure a shirt that fits you well, don't measure your body as you don't want the shirt to be glued to you.

This is also where you select your Fabric choice. We will walk you through your options in that.

This particular example. The shirt was done in Interlock. Jacket and Trouser were done in Safeeni.

3.Test Print

We do a test print to ensure all the colors being printed are the same that you saw in the design. This is a good spot to finalize the colors and the design. Sometimes, customers do a full 180 and change all the colors, that's why this is so important. After this stage, design is final and we don't change that anymore.

4. Final Info Sheet

This is when I ask you to provide me an excel sheet with Name/Number/Size/Sleeve/Additional info. If we are doing sublimation, then adding sponsor logos, name, number, club names or any other information is absolutely no problem and is included in regular price of the shirt.

If we are doing embroidery or other printing, then things get slightly complicated, but we work with you to ensure you know what you are signing up for and what options you may have. 

This is also the stage where we request a deposit. As these are custom requests, we request a 50% deposit up front, and rest at delivery time.


Ah, the final stage when your design and ideas come to life. Normally the most satisfying stage to say the least. We ship the items directly to you if you are outside of Calgary. Local pickups are available from our location in Sage Hill or we arrange drop off location/time with client.

(Printed shirt before shipping)


(Test fitting at pickup time. Half the team showed up lol back when we didn't have to worry about COVID)

Hopefully this answered some of your questions, but if they didn't let us know. Put a comment at the bottom and let's help you get your answers.

If you have made it this far and want to place an order, you can go to the link below.
Visit the champs:

Note: All our printing is done in Sialkot, Pakistan. We do some printing and logo work in Calgary as well, but most of the sublimation work is done in Pakistan.

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