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This past week, I had the opportunity to make an appearance on a live show from Toronto. It's called Max Jeff Show and it is being launched on the Sports Trends Canada channel (you can find it on Jadoo/ FB/ YouTube and IPTV - included links at the end of blog). Purpose of the show was to just talk Cricket and how small efforts in the city might me making a bigger impact. I was joined by the host of the show Mazhar Jaffri, host of the Channel Farrukh bhai, Cricket Canada Women's team player Hiba and 2 guests from Whitby cricket league (outskirts of Toronto), Abhi and Prannay.

Overall, it is always good to just chat Cricket but we also talked about different measures being taken across Canada to support Cricket with the challenge of a global pandemic. I wanted to highlight some of the efforts by Abhi and Prannay in Whitby and how they were able to launch their own Cricket league and bring the community together in such a short time. They are doing 4 leagues a year at the current rate and dealing with all of this without having a proper home for their Cricket. They have utilized soccer fields, indoor school gyms and other facilities to make this happen. All the kudos to you guys and the rest of the team. Let us know if we can be of any help in future.

This brings me to an important point which is to keep highlighting these efforts in the community. For example: CSL in Calgary has taken it upon themselves to be the outdoor tape ball event of Calgary. There are many others, but if you wanted to see talent, that's where you would go. They are doing this on a field that is on a future school site. If we as a Cricket community speak to other community planners/builders and get these make shift pitches put in, perhaps this can help grow grassroot efforts even further. Also, if you have some time get involved with your club, league in whatever capacity. You never know but you might learn new skills or discover something new about yourself.



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