Cricket and Technology

For far too long Cricket has gone about its own way. Only big changes we see are format related or some funky rules (BBL last edition) that come and go. 

We definitely saw tech come into LBW debate with DRS but that has been a hit and miss for most part. Personally, I find DRS very useful, but the way it is used, it is rather annoying. Umpire's call is usually the decider even when DRS is used, then what is the point... that is the question I am left asking most of the time.


Snicko has been a great addition to Cricket, but is that the only undisputed thing we can hold on to? Training wise, there has been lots of gimmicks, apps, tools that come and go, but nothing remarkable has come forward that is truly ground breaking and has stood the test of time.

Have you come across any tech that is ground breaking and will improve how we play and understand Cricket? Share below.

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