Bio Bubbles - How secure are they?

Bio Bubble - the new buzzword for 2020-21

Personally, I have struggled with this, the necessity to bring sports back and putting athletes through strict bio bubbles to ensure everything is done in a "safe" environment. What is driving this necessity isn't the need to bring sports back for people staying at home, but the money that is invested in athletes, sponsorships and broadcasting/commercials is the main driver behind this. There is no hiding this.

IPL was a great a example of this and quite successful to be able to make the bubble last almost a month across 5-6 cities with hundreds of people in the bubble. Why did it pop? No one knows for sure, and honestly that isn't the main worry to lots of people with everything else happening around them. English county season has been dealing with delays and rescheduling while running the 6 month long season.

This brings me to Calgary and Canada overall. Across Canada, reopening plans have been announced by provinces with seasons starting from end of May to beginning of July across the country. Now, our responsibility is to still get used to the new normal, get vaccinated and enjoy this beautiful sport that brings us together.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the field!

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