BBL - new rules, old cricket?

BBL introduced new rules for the upcoming season. Some of them look interesting and perhaps a look into where t20 cricket is headed in the future. Shane Watson came out and said something very interesting today which was why reinvent the wheel when it's not broken.

In my opinion adding new rules at some level of strategy for example this x factor player rule. That can really change that dynamic of a game and you can throw in a good all-rounder as your 12th and 13th man where they can come in and play that pinch hitter or a middle over specialist roll for you. They don't need to be in the playing 11 to make an impact on the game where you can play less risky players perhaps.

Anyways what are your thoughts on this, what do you think? Do you see the game changing in dvl quite a bit due to these rules? Do you think any of these can be transferred into t20 cricket leagues across the world? Is there any other rule that you have seen somewhere else that should be brought in? Leave your comments below.

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