Are all 2.7 bats equal?

Let's be honest, there is an obsession with 2.7 bats.. it seems to be the "magic" number that everyone wants. But are all 2.7 bats equal?


Let's break it down.

What does 2.7 mean? It means 2.7 lbs to some, and 2lb 7oz to others.. technically it is 2:7 which stands for 2lbs and 7oz which is equal to roughly 1100 grams (much easier to deal with this than lbs and oz). Ton of bat manufacturers (big names inclusive) from sub-continent put 2.7-2.9 on their bats and confuse customers. I have had customers come by saying they want to take weight off the 2.9 bat which turns out to be almost 2lb 14oz in the end and well over 1300 grams..sheesh! Now, i am not against heavier bats per say.. but more the mislabeling.


Weight of the bat versus balance: This is another area where weight goes out the window. A 1100 gram bat with a low sweet spot will feel heavier in the hand versus same weight bat with a mid sweet spot. This is just weight balancing more than anything.



Weight with the grip and without - come on, stop it.


So, if you own a bat that is 2lb 7oz or 2.7lbs, it isn't the same. What we need is more honest communications with the clients and transparency. 2.7 is and should be understood as 2lb 7oz and that is the more recognized measure of weight. If you are ever unsure, ask for the weight in grams, ask for pictures of the WHOLE bat on the scale. Don't get scammed.


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