Let's talk Pitch

The amount of discussion and opinions in regards to pitch conditions and suitability of it has been unprecedented. Fiery reply from Ashwin to Vaughan's criticism of it to Lyon wanting to bring to curators to SCG, everyone has an opinion on it.

Is the purpose of a pitch to force a result? We have had games when 700-800 is scored, and not much chatter about being a flat deck and bowlers couldn't even buy a wicket. Is the purpose to have a 5 day game?

The traditional understanding is perhaps seam on first 2 days with help for spin on the last 2, this makes sense but it isn't a rule. Seaming conditions are as difficult as spin. There are pitches when it is actually dangerous to play, if we don't have that, I say let em have it. Let the batsmen toil a bit out there, let the spinners have some fun.

Hoping for a balanced 4th test pitch that takes the contest into Day 4 at least, but it might be the toss that decides the fate. England needs to have a consistent XI and perhaps a better read on the pitch.. looking forward to a cracker!

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